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These audio files can't be played in your web browser at the moment (at least on a Mac), you will have to save the track to your computer and if it adds a .txt extension after the .m4a, just simply remove the .txt portion from the name and it will be fine. I'm still working on resolving these issues.

I Wanna Break Your Heart (Unreleased Demo) with Peter Doherty

Released Songs.
Dirge Death in Vegas featuring Dot Allison.

Unreleased Songs.
Aftersun Massive Attack featuring Dot Allison.
This song appears at the end of 'Unleashed' aka 'Danny the Dog' movie that Massive Attack did the soundtrack. Sadly it wasn't on the soundtrack CD but Dot and 3D from Massive Attack have allowed it to be put on Dot's site.

Interview Part 1 Afterglow Era
Interview Part 2 Afterglow Era

Live Performance clips.
Tomorrow Never Comes Live at the London Social, 23 May 23 2005

Tomorrow Never Comes Video clip Courtesy of Marc Van Katwijk.

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Audio files are in mp4 format, please et me know if you have any problems downlaoding them.


Strung Out