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Dot Allison - Afterglow (18 June 1999)
UK Heavenly HVNLP23CD
[in production?]
The "Creamy" album as it is now known apparently. Alot of mystery surrounding this. According the Heavenly records website, this album is still in production but a fan tells me this was the original version which was scraped because poor lyrics. It was released about 3 months prior to the "black' cover version
This CD is mixed slightly differently and has a sightly different running order of tracks. Also the track 'Close Your Eyes' is mixed extremely differently than it is in its new form. There are strings and it is lush and much more beautiful and full than the new version [Thanks Matt]. It of course feature the superior artwork to the final release.
Lastly, promo copies this CD were also sent to US radio stations apparently.
Dot Allison - Afterglow (6 October 1999)
US CD Arista/Deconstruction ARI166002
JP CD * (January 2000?)
Colour Me
Tomorrow Never Comes
Close Your Eyes
Message Personnel
I Wanna Feel The Chill
Morning Sun
Did I Imagine You?
Mo' Pop
Alpha Female
In Winter Still
Message Personnel (Arab Strap Remix) - US only bonus track
Mr. Voyeur - Japan only bonus track

EU? Arista Cat no. ???
3:45 Alpha Female
4:04 Close Your Eyes
4:31 Colour Me
4:19 Did I Imagine You
3:19 I Wanna Feel The Chill
3:39 In Winter Still
6:24 Message Personnel
4:01 Mo Pop
8:16 Morning Sun
4:29 Tomorrow Never Comes
This version really changes thetrack running order
We are Science (20 May 2002)
UK CD/LP Mandra Recordings MNTCD1028, MNTLP1028
JP CD ? PCD23265
FR CD Virgin/Mandra Recordings *
Aus CD ?? **
01 We're Only Science
02 Substance
03 You Can Be Replaced
04 Performance
05 Wishing Stone
06 Make It Happen
07 Strung Out
08 I Think I Love You
09 Hex
10 Lover
There is a limited version of the UK CD available in the first pressing. It contains remixes by Felix Da Housecat (Substance) and Slam (We're Only Science). The only way to tell the difference is that the actual disc it self has the cat. no. of mntcde1028. the artwork catalogue number is the same.
* Ltd French CD contains Felix Da Housecat (Substance) and Slam (We're Only Science) and lists them on the cover.
* Ltd Aussie CD contains Felix Da Housecat (Substance) and Slam (We're Only Science) and lists them on the cover.

acoustic cd acoustic2 cd
Acoustic (2003) [Gig only CD]
13 tracks total. Some of the songs are include Tommorrrow Never Comes, Lover, Strung Out, Did I Imagine you, Dream High (New Song) and Mirror (New Song), I Believe in You (Neil Young), Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley).
Only available at Dot Allison shows. Limited to only 100 copies

larks cover
Exaltation Of Larks (20 May 2002)
UK CD/Download Cooking Vinyl
JP CD PCD-23997
1. Allelujah
2. Thief Of Me
3. Sunset
4. In Deep Water
5. You Dropped Your Soul
6. M'Aidez Call
7. Tall Flowers
8. Quicksand
9. Shivering
10. The Latitude And Longitude Of Mystery
11. You Dropped Your Soul (Demo) - Japan only bonus track
live cd
Acoustic CD 2 (2009) [Gig only CD]
Only available at Dot Allison shows. Limitation unknown
room cover
Room 7 1/2 (7 September 2009)
UK CD//Download Arthoused/Absolute, ARTHSDCD1)
JP CD (october 2009)
1. Cry
2. Paved With A Little Pain
3. I Wanna Break Your Heart (ft. Peter Doherty)
4. Buzzing Round The Honeypots
5. Room Seven And A Half
6. Fall To Me
7. Love's Got Me Crazy (ft. Paul Weller)
8. Montague Terrace (In Blue)
9. Jonny Villain
10. While She Sleeps
11. Portrait Of The Sun
12. Paved With A Little Pain (Acoustic) [iTunes only bonus track]
13. Love's Got Me Crazy (Acoustic) [iTunes only bonus track]
?? - Japan only bonus track

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