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January 23, 2012
Dot and Darren Emerson track
Apparently the song Dot recorded with Darren Emerson is called 'Escapology' and was featured on Season 2, Episode 9 entitled 'Fair Trade' of the TV show 'Nikita' from November 2011. Apparently the track is also featured in Irvine Welsh's forthcoming movie 'Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy' to be released later this year.

September 23, 2010
Dot sings on new Darren Emerson track
Dot has recently contributed vocals to a track by Darren Emerson (ex-Underworld). Dot tweats "In Darren Emerson's studio stroking the techno cat..."

'Black Death' Soundtrack
Dot has recently contributed to the 'Black Death' Soundtrack. I'm not sure if she can be heard on the CD. Black Death is a dark horror adventure movie.

Dot recently wrote a song for a Girl Band
Dot recently tweated she wrote a song for a Girl band

Henry VII soundtrack
Dot's voice can be heard on 'Without Discord' (originally by Henry himself). This is now avaiable for download on iTunes.

September 15, 2009
Janice Long session
Dot has just recorded a session for Janice Long. It will be broadcast on September 24th. Someone please record this!

September 8, 2009
Remix a Dot song
You has made the stems available for the song, 'Cry', from her new album, 'Room 7 1/2', which was released on September 7th. You can download the stems here. Dot asks that you upload your remix here.

August 28, 2009
dot web

Dot's new website

This is no longer Dot's Official site. The new site is located at dotallison.co.uk and now at dotallison.com. I'm the process of transfering the dot com domain to Dot. This site is now the official unofficial site. The forum is still functioning, though Dot seems to post more on Twitter and Facebook these days. Hopefully she'll still continue to visit the forum where she post her poetry. You will still want to check here because I often post lots of information that doesn't appear on Dot's website.

Exclusive Dot acoustic videos
Head on over to the Dot's You Tube channel and watch 2 exclusive acoustic videos of songs from Dot's new album!

Download exclusive acoustic song
Head on over to RCRD LBL and download and exclusive acoustic version of 'Buzzing around the honey pots" from Dot's new album!

August 12, 2009
Dot's new album
room cover

Dot's new album 'Room 7 1/2' is now due for release on September 7th. It's avaiable for pre-order now.

2 July 2009
Room 7 1/2 update
Dot's new album, 'Room 7 1/2',is now scheduled for release on August 31st.

'Triangle' soundtrack
Dot collaberated with Christian Henson on the soundtrack of the film, 'Triangle' . It will get a general release in October.

Dot Tweets
Dot can now be found tweeting on Twitter

'Scott Walker: 30 Century Man' soundtrack
Dot performs "Montague Terrace (In Blue)" on the soundtrack to the film. It's avaiable now

10 April 2009
Dot's new album
Dot's new album is finished and is currently being mastered. It's scheduled to be released in September on Dot's own new label. The album will be called 'Room Seven And A Half'.

Dot featured on Henry VII soundtrack
The new David Starkey Channel 4 series, Henry VIII: The Mind of a Tyrant features a score by Philip Sheppard. The complete soundtrack for the series draws upon melodies and lyrics written by Henry himself, as well as works by his contemporaries. Dot's voice can be heard on 'Without Discord' (originally by Henry himself). You can hear Dot's contribution and the rest of the soundtrack HERE

18 March 2009
Dot current tour
Dot is currently touring with Peter Doherty as the opening act. She also joins Peter on stage for 'Sheepskin Tearaway", a song they wrote together.

New Album update
Dot has been in the studio on and off since last August, recording the follow up to 'Exaltation Of Larks'. The album is currenty being mixed at Paul Weller's Black Barn studio. Dot say's it will have some mindblowing artist's on it, one of which is Warren Ellis from Nick Cave's Bad Seeds. We will let you know when it's due for release.

'Exaltation Of Larks' on iTunes US
'Exaltation Of Larks' has just been released on Dot Allison

Dot guest on Peter Doherty's debut solo album
Peter Doherty's debut solo album called, "Grace/Wastelands". She guests on 'Sheepskin Tearaway', a song she co-crote with Peter several years ago. The album is out out now.

21 October 2007
Scottish Style Awards
Dot has been nominated in The Most Stylish Band/Musician category for this years Scottish Style Awards. The judging panel includes supermodel, Elle Macpherson, among others.

21 October 2007
Babyshambles Live DVD with Dot
The Babyshambles aer releasing their first ever Live DVD, which includes several songs featuring Dot. The DVD is called 'Up The Shambles - Live In Manchester' was filmed at the city's Ritz venue in September 2004 and will be released on November 5th. Here is the tracklisting:

1. The Man Who Came To Stay
2. Do You Know Me
3. In Love With A Feeling
4. Babyshambles
5. Gang of Gin
6. Fuck Forever
7. I Mean You No Harm*
8. Sheepskin
9. Tearaway*
10. Don't Look Back Into the Sun*
11. Time For Heroes*
12. Albion*
13. I Wanna Break Your Heart*
14. What Katy Did
15. Killamangiro
16. My Darling Clementine
17. Blackboy Lane
18. Wolfman
*featuring Dot Allison on guest vocals.

11 September 2007
'Exaltation Of Larks' Out Now!
Cooking Vinyl (UK, Europe version)
Amazon.co.uk (UK, Europe version)
iTunes (UK) (Download)

11 September 2007
'Thief of Me' video
thief video
Check out the great new video for Thief of Me

7 September 2007
'Exaltation Of Larks' Record Collector review
From the October issue of Record Collector.

28 August 2007
'Exaltation Of Larks' DJ magazine review
The 15th-28th August issue of DJ magazine gave Dot's new album 4.5 out of 5 stars.

larks dj

16 August 2007
'Exaltation Of Larks' microsite
Cooking Vinyl has just launched a microsite for 'Exaltation Of Larks'.

larks micro

15 August 2007
'Thief of Me' out on September 3rd.
Preceding Dot's new album, 'Exaltation Of Larks', 'Thief of Me' will be released on September 3rd.

16 June 2007
Dot to play first ever solo gig in Japan
Dot will play in Japan on September 23, 2007. Purchase Tickets here.

larks cover

16 June 2007
Dot signs with Cooking Vinyl
Dot's forthcoming album 'Exaltation Of Larks' will be released on Cooking Vinyl records September 10th of this year. It will also be released in Japan on the same date on P-Vine records

1. Allelujah
2. Thief Of Me
3. Sunset
4. In Deep Water
5. You Dropped Your Soul
6. M'Aidez Call
7. Tall Flowers
8. Quicksand
9. Shivering
10. The Latitude And Longitude Of Mystery

26 January 2007
Exaltation Of Larks song preview
Dot has put up 4 tracks from her forthcoming album 'Exaltation Of Larks' on her MySpace.com site. She is still shopping the album around to labels.

7 January 2007
Dot collaberates with Slam again
Dot contributes to Slam's new album due out later this year.

7 January 2007
Dot names new album
The title of Dot's forthcoming album is called 'Exaltation Of Larks'. The album will be released later this year.

7 January 2007
Dot appears on Daniel Johnson tribute album
Dot sings 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances' on a new Daniel Johnson tribute album called "I Killed the Monster: 21 Artists Performing the Songs of Daniel Johnston". The album appears on Kramer's newly revamped version of his Shimmy Discs label called Second Shimmy. The album is out now

22 October 2006
Dot to play at Scott Walker film premier
Dot will sing "Montague Terrace" and another song at the premier of the film new film about Scott Walker called '30th Century man' at the NFT on October 31st. Dot sings an acoustic version of "Montague Terrace" in the film DVD extras and have a short appearance in the movie itself being interviewed.

22 October 2006
New album complete and mastered
Dot has completed her new album. Release date and more setails soon.

3 September 2006 Beneath the Ivy EP out now!
Dot's brand new EP was released on August 28th. It is available as a download only release from iTunes UK. US fans won't be allowed to download it.

26 July 2006
Beneath the Ivy release date
Dot's forthcoming EP, "Beneath the Ivy" is due to be released on Universal Digital on August 18th . It will eventually be released on CD as soon as Dot finds a label, which she may be close to doing. She is currently recording an acoustic based album with the legendary Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low, Daniel Johnston, Bongwater). This album may actually precede the material Dot has been recording with Tim Simenon (Bomb the Bass) and Geoff Smith, whom she is still recording with as well currently.

26 July 2006
Dot in Dazed & Confused
Dot and Ray Holliningsworth face off in the current issue of Dazed & Confused, Issue 40. Here is an excerpt:

Head2Head: Ray Hollingsworth & Dot Allison

After a chance encounter on the radio, poet Ray Hollingsworth and chanteuse Dot Allison began to draw on each other for inspiration.

DA: Its odd because we work so differently- I never use influences so obtusely, I write and rewrite endlessly, shaping words around melodies- but what we do evidently speaks to the other.

RH: I was posting poetry alongside Dots on her forum. One night, I wrote for five hours straight into the machine, automatic writing I think its called.

Read the full article in Issue *40 of Dazed and Confused magazine.

For more information visit www.confused.co.uk

26 July 2006
One Dove's first release download
You are now able to purchase the first release by One Dove, Fallen from Soma Records in mp3 or FLAC format. No more high prices on ebay.

30 March 2006
Beneath the Ivy
'Beneath the Ivy' is the name of Dot's new EP. It was produced by Tim Simenon (Bomb the Bass) and Geoff Smith. It was mastered by the legendary Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low, Daniel Johnston, Bongwater)

The EP is initally going to be released on iTunes as Dot is still looking for a new label. Dot is heading into the studio shortly to begin recording her new LP. Release date to be confirmed. Here is the tracklisting:
Paper Rose
Blade of your words

30 March 2006
Up against the wall you red neck mother
Dot has recorded an old country track with Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) called "Up against the wall you red neck mother" for a forthcoming "Agent provocateur" album. The album is currently being mixed. The release date will be posted here once it's known.

25 November 05
Dot on myspace.com
Dot now has a website set-up at MySpace.com. Be sure and check it out!

1 November 05
Download 'I Wanna break Your Heart' demo.
You can now download 'I Wanna break Your Heart' demo, a collaberation with Pete Doherty (Babyshambles, ex-Libertines) is now available to download in the media section

28 October 05
Officially download 'Aftersun'
Dot's unreleased collaberation with Massive Attack, 'Aftersun' is now available to download in the media section

17 March 05
Dot's St. Patrick's Day Jam!
Dot celebrated St. Patrick's Day evening jamming with Pete Doherty, Alan Weiss and The Pougue's miestro Shane MacGowan!

20 February 05
Dot on her forthcoming material
Dot was recently did an email interview with Massive Attack Area website, where she answers a question about the direction that her new album is taking.

Are you currently working on your next album? What kind of musical orientation does it take? (Jamaeca Aroma/Dissolved Girl)
Yes I am working on another solo LP I have written all the songs and am just getting ready to present them to producers. The direction is quite alt. country/folk. Not so electronic this time, quite organic with more guitar and traditional intrumentation. I played my songs to Andy Weatherall and he likened them to Emmy-lou Harris meets the Velvets. He also mentioned the LP 'No other' by Gene Clark which I have adore, so he was spot on. It is very lyrical and vocal led. Full of heart-felt intimate moments, Andrew reckons it is my strongest work to date, it is exciting to get that kind of feedback!

Read the full interview Here

18 December.04
Dot continues to write songs for her next LP
Dot has 20 songs already written for her new album. She still has to decide which songs will be included on the album. Some of the song titles are 'You Dropped Your Soul', 'Melt', 'Broke In love', 'In Deep Water', 'New Religion' and 'Portrait of the Sun'. She has not quite decided on the rest yet.

18 December.04
Dot continues to write with Pete Doherty
Dot and pete Doherty have written another song together called 'Heaven under Seige', this is inaddtion to numerous other tracks for a possible LP. Another song that has a title already is 'Sheepskin Tearaway', which they performed live when they toured together.

12 November.04
Dot answer's poptones.co.uk's Question of Doom
Dot has submitted to an interview with poptones Questions of Doom where she says that Andy Weatherall say the music she is working on is her strongest work yet. Dot also says she has demos of her new album on her iPod. Read the full interview

12 October.04
Dot continues to work on new album
As Dot herself has said on Dot's Journal on the forum on this site, she is half way dome writing her new album. She has wrapped up her tour with the Babyshambles.

12 October.04
Dot and Pete writing songs
Dot has informed me that she and Pete Doherty are currently writing songs together for a possible album. They already collaberated on a song called "At the Flophouse" which may appear on a Babyshambles b-side in the future.

13 July.04
More Dot and the Babyshambles gigs planned
So far they've played a couple dates already, Check for the dates above. Someone please record it :)

13 July.04
The sound of the new album
Apparently Dot's new material will be a little darker than previous works. She say's she's "started writing about some of the darker days I spent in Glasgow. They are more directly autobiographical than some of my previous songs." A producer for this material is yet to be decided.

4 July.04
Dot and the Babyshambles
Dot played and acoustic set on June 28th in Brigton with Pete Doherty and the Babyshambles. Pete Doherty is a member of the Libertines and is having trouble kicking his drug habit. He has been in and out of several rehab centers. We wish Pete well in his recovery. The Babyshambles is his sideproject. They played 3 songs together. Dot sang 'Flophouse', 'Sheepskin tear away' and they dueted on 'Time for heroes.' Dot says that pete is a "wonderful soul" and they are writing together and she hopes to do more with him in the future. After the Massive Attack tour Dot is going to concentrate on her new solo album. Stay tuned for more details.

31 May.04
Slam Album
Slam have recruited Dot for vocal duties once again for their forthcoming album, "Year Zero", which is dues out in August. Dot sings on a track called 'Kill the Pain.' More details soon.

29 May.04
Brazil Pictures


During this tour, Dot sings on 2 new Massive Attack called, "Speed Of Dark" and "Bullet." She sings them with 3D.

Here you can download a video of Massive Attack and Dot performing 'Group Four' at the Pink Pop Festival in 2003 Click Here. Then go tot he download section of the site. You do have join in order to download the video but it's free.

24 March.04
On the Horizon (redux)
Dot is almost finished writing her new album and will be recording it over the next couple of months. She is currently in discussions with a producer.

24 March.04
Massive News
Dot will be touring with Massive Attack again this summer during their summer festival apperances. She will be guest vocalist. Here are some dates:
May 22 - Mexico city
May 24 - Sao Pablo, Brasil
May 25 - Sao Pablo, Brasil
May 27 - Santiago, Brasil
May 29 - Bue, Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 11 - Super Bock Super Rock, Lisbon, Portugal
June 13 - Berlinova, Berlin, Germany
June 18 -Imola
June 19 - Barcelona
July 1 - Novi Sad
July 2 - Wiesen
July 2 - London Brixtion Academy
July 10 - T in the Park, Scotland.
July 11 - Oxygen, Ireland
July 15 Santiago, Brasil
Jily 16 Madrid
July 18 Beriut
August 12 Avenches
August 13 Zofingen
August 21 - V Festival, England. Stafford
August 22 - V Festival, England. Chelmsford

Dot has also been in the studio recording with Massive Atack [ed: Let's hope these sessions actually get released]

24 March.04
Another Slam
Dot is guesting on another Slam album. It will be released in the autumn of this year.

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