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25 August.00 Miss the interview and webcast on Netbeat?
You can still check it out at netbeat.com

21 August.00 News song on the internet
DOT ALLISON is to release a new song and play a live show via the Internet, nme.com can reveal. Allison has confirmed that her show at the Nottingham Social on August 23 will be broadcast live via the website dot.netbeat.com. Also available to download on the site is her DJ set recorded at the London Embassy Bar last month and a new Allison composition, 'Lover', which features members of Mercury Rev (ed: apparently). The song was also co-produced with Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann at his studio in the Catskill Mountains, near Woodstock in the US.

Here's what Dot says about 'Lover'
'In life, we tend to crave ownership of objects and situations. Relationships are no different. For me, the song 'Lover' addresses the fact that in order to love and be loved, we have to be capable of setting something free rather than holding it captive. In that respect, 'Lover' talks about losing more than we ever had...' 'Even the truest, most reciprocal relationships are never 'owned' by the participants'

Allison is currently working on new material, and is also a late addition to this year's Carling Weekend Festivals in Reading and Leeds over the August Bank Holiday weekend (25-28).

[Ed: She plays the Reading festival on Friday August 25 and the Leeds festival Monday August 28 on the Carling Premeire stage. Hopefully they will be broadcast on Radio 1]

28 July.00 Sweet Dot
Dot has recorded a song for the forthcoming Tim Buckley tribute album. She covers 'Sweet Surrender'. The album is called 'Sing a Song for you - A tribute to Tim Buckley' on Manifesto Records and is released on September 4 in the UK and Europe and on September 12 in the US and Canada.

14 July.00 Dot's Lip
According to Dave Fridmann's (Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev) personal web page, on April 10, 2000, Dot recorded two songs for an upcoming EP on her own Harmonix Records at his Tarbox Road studio. This is a very cool if he is producing her now. So it appears she is no longer signed to Heavenly since she has her own label.

14 July.00 Stills from yhe interview
Also check out this video interview from the Glastonbury Festival from this year. She says the new album will be out most realistically early next year and will be darker and tougher, more abstract than "Afterglow." She is currently in the studio recording the new album. She also mentions working with Dave Fridmann.

9 June.00 Dot's new album
Dot is apparently working on her new album. "This will include some of the songs that she performed live. I think there's a song called "Know Glow" (the untitled track that she sang for the KCRW session last September)..."
[Thanks Ken_KP and friend] You can catch Dot singing "Dirge" live with Death in Vegas on June 16 - 18 at the Death in Vegas website.. It's from their London Shepherd's Bush Empire performance from November 7, 1999.

3 May.00 Dot in Athens
Dot is playing live in Athens, Greece on Friday May 12 and & Saturday May 13 in Thessaloniki. [Thanks John Koliopanos]

28 march.00 Dot vs St. etienne
Dot has remixed the new single by St. Etienne. It was released on March 27th and it's called "How We Used To Live" and available as a limited edition CD, the Dot mix doesn't appear on the 12". I recently heard it's been deleted already!

14 July.00 DJ Dot
Check out these pictures from Dot's DJ set in Barcelona on April 7th at the Mond Club. Pictures courtesy of Lluis aka SouvenirDJ

4 March.00 Dot's Dirge
Death in Vegas release "Dirge #2" on April 24, 2000. It features Dot on vocals. it's available on CD and 12"

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