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30 July.03 On the Horizon
Dot will be going into the studio to record tracks for her 3rd album as soon as the Massive Attack tour is over in August. Massive Attack will tour North America in 2004 and they have asked Dot to sing and support them. In the meanwhile, Dot may possibly embark on a solo tour. Both of these events are to be confirmed.

30 July.03 Acoustic CD
In regards to the acoustic CD that Dot was selling at the Massive Attack shows; it's limited to 200 copies. Dot wanted it to be an underground thing. She may release it properly at some point in the future. She may also be releasing a selection of live music from her current support tour with Massive Attack. Let's hope she does both. Some of the tracks on the "Acoustic" CD include "Tommorrrow Never Comes", "Lover", "Strung Out", "Did I Imagine you" and 2 new tracks, "Dream High" and "Mirror" and a couple of covers, "I Believe in You" (Neil Young) and "Song to the Siren" (Tim Buckley).

30 July.03 Massive Attack Webcast
Massive Attack's performance at this year's Creamfields festival will be broadcast on the BBC Radio on August 23th, so you can hear Dot sing with them.

30 July.03 Fuji Rock Festival Photos
Here are some pictures of Dot performing with Massive Attack at this years Fuji Rock Festival in Japan on August 27.

11 June.03 Dot dropped by Mantra
Dot has been dropped by her record company, Mantra records. Maybe Dot will finally start her own label. She had apparently started it after being dropped by Heavenly Records.

24 May.03 Dot Acoustic Studio CD
Dot is selling an 11 track studio acoustic CD during the Massive Attack world tour. Some of the tracks include "I Believe in You" (Neil Young) and "Song to the Siren" (Tim Buckley), Lover and Strung Out. Hopefully this 'Acoustic' CD will get a more proper release in the future

*** Would some kind soul going to one of the shows be willing to pick me up a copy since i live in the US i will of course pay you for your efforts or make it worth your while. many thanks ***

thanks to walter for the info

25 May.03 Dot sings with Massive Attack
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She sings on several songs. She also warms up for them doing her own songs. Here's a fan review of the tracks Dot sang on at April 21 Brixton gig:

Black Milk Redux
When Dot walked out onto the stage I wondered which song she would she would be playing, I myself thought Teardrop, so was mildly surprised when I heard the words to Black Milk. IÍm not a huge fan of the album version of Black Milk, but I liked this version better, perhaps partially due to the fact that IÍd already had time to download the song and get used to it. I really like the bit in the middle of this song where the mood changes for a couple of seconds; DotÍs vocals on this song were also pretty good.

Special Cases
One song, which I thought that Dot couldnÍt do as well as Sinead would have done. The first verse begins well, with Dot almost shouting into the microphone, then singing the chorus. But the second verse begins, and sheÍs lost the shouting effect, and to me it was less effective when she was singing. Having said that, the song kept its beat well live, and the minor problem didnÍt spoil a great song. The violinist did a quality job as well.

As soon as the beat begins, itÍs the song that everyone knows, and a great cheer is heard. I doubted whether Dot could do as good a job as Liz FraserÍs vocals on the album, but the song begins as well as on the album, and it continues throughout the performance. Another gem for Dot I think.

Group Four
More messages are displayed on the LED screen throughout the song, along with other info such as customers in starbucks and number of red blood cells in the body. The vocals on the song are flawless, both from D and from Dot, and the performance is some 10 minutes +. The drums and the guitars get quicker and quicker, everyone on the stage is putting in extra effort, and the consequence is huge cheers from the audience. What a great way to end a fantastic show. And cheers to Avalanche for the big up.

from the massivettattack.com messageboard

10 April.03 Dot contributes to King Of Woolworths new album
Dot Allison has done vocals on "L'Illustration Musicale", the new album from King Of Woolworths.æ She does vocals on one track, "Sell Me Back My Soul". The album is on Mantra records in the UK

Thanks to Senne

6,30 April.03 Dot touring with massive Attack
Dot is guesting with Massive Attack on their world tour. She sings on some songs as well as warming up for them. Check eiderdowner.com or massiveattack.co.uk for the latest dates. It's rumored that massive Aatack will tour the US in the Fall of this year

6 April.03 2 news albums in the works
Dot is currently writing material for her 3rd album which she is planning on releasing in the not too distant future. This album will follow a live acoustic album which is underway

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