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1 December.02 Dot working on film score
Dot is working on or will soon be working on a film score with British Director Simon De Selva. He's acted in"The son of the pink panther" (1993) and in tv-movie "Cleopatra" (1999). This is the first movie he's directing, and it's called "LD 50" (2002).

L.D. 50 is a medical term used by pharmacologists to measure how toxic a substance is. It stands for Lethal Dosage 50, which represents how much of a chemical it takes to kill fifty out of a hundred test subjects.

It's being filmed right now. It will be a horror movie. You can find more info about it in INMB.com

Thanks to Sergi MarÕ for addtional info.

1 December.02 Dot's Vision
New versions of Slam's 'Visions' track which feature Dot on vocals
Slam - Visions (11 November 2002)
UK 12" Soma 124
Vialic remix
Two Lone Swordsmen Vocal remix

Slam - Visions (11 November 2002)
UK 12" Soma 124R
Visions (Ewan Pearson Extended Remix)
Visions (Phil Kieran Remix)
Visions (Hystereo Remix)

Also the 'Vialic remix appears exclusively on CD format in the year-end issue of UK dance magazine, Musik, best of 2002 CD

Thanks to Senne Soli for the Musik tip

Also you can find 'Visions (two lone swordsmen dub)' (exclusive) on Soma compilation 8 which features various artists on the Soma label.

10 November.02 Dot tours US with St. Etienne
Appparently Dot is touring the US with Saint Etienne. It's unknown if she will play her own shows as well.

11/18/2002 Hollywood, CA Palace
11/19/2002 San Francisco, CA Bimbo's 365 Club
11/21/2002 Chicago, IL Double Door
11/23/2002 Toronto, ON Opera House
11/24/2002 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
11/25/2002 New York, NY Irving Plaza

10 November.02 Dot on new ' Death in Vegas' album
Dot sings and wrote the lyrics for a song called 'Diving Horses' on the latest Death in Vegas album called "Scorpio Rising".

22 October.02 'We are Science' US release date
'We are Science' finally gets a US release date. It was due out in September, but is not due out on November 5th. it contains 2 bonus tracks which appeared on limited versions of the UK, French and Austrailan copies of the album.

1. Were Only Science
2. Substance
3. You Can Be Replaced
4. Performance
5. Wishing Stone
6. Make It Happen
7. Strung Out
8. I Think I Love You
9. Hex
10. Lover
11. Substance (Felix Dr Housecat Remix)
12. Were Only Science (Slam Remix)

Thanks to Daid Bryne for the heads up.

31 August.02 Dot on new Massive Attack Album?
Hi, 3-D from Massive Attack has once again mentioned Dot Allison on the message board from the official Massive Attack website. The fourth album is nearly finished, but they'll start recording soon for a fifth album, and mentions that he has invited Dot Allison to come to the studio in October. [Ed: if you recall Dot apparently recorded some tracks with them for their upcoming album but those tracks will not appear on the album, see story somewhere below for more details]

From Massive Attack website, Thanks to Senne Soli

31 August.02 Vote for 'Strun Out'
For the fans from Belgium who read the Humo magazine ; at http://www.humo.be/ u can now vote for Dot Allison her "Strung Out" single in their singles chart.

Thanks to Senne Soli

31 August.02 Dot at Pukelpop
Dot's Pukkelpop performance
We're Only Science ( without the last words the album version has )
Morning Sun ( instrumental ) ( not as long as the version from Benicasim though )
You Can Be Replaced
Strung Out
White Love

She had a really cool and professionail air to her and looked away several times during performing, but also encouraged the crowd to clap their hands during "Substance" and especially "We're Only Science". After each song she gave the audience a polite thank you and some small talk. She introduced "Mo'Pop" before starting the song and anounced the last song before ending.

Mini review and report by Senne Soli

16 August.02 Listen to Dot Live
Dot Allison played the Benicasim festival in Spain a few days ago. You can listen or watch the video. She comes on after about 10 minutes, so be patient. Also it takes a while for it to load since the files are so big.

31 August.02 The Word from Dot
Dot will be touring the US in October. This comes straight from her. A fan on my Dot mailing list spoke will her at one of her recent UK gigs. 'We are science' is due out in the US in September on Beggars Banquet records.

Thanks to Matthew Williams

31 August.02 Current Setlist
Dot played the RemiXFM Night at Cargo in London, August 15th. Here is the setlist. This is also the setlist for the Benicasim festival. Check out these fanstastic live pictures by Marc Van Katwijk

We're only science
Morning Sun (instrumental, very long version with Dot noodling away on her guitar)
You can be replaced
Strung Out
Mo' Pop (speedy trash version)
White Love

Thanks to Matthew Williams

7 August.02 Dot plays leeds and Reading
Friday Aug 23 Reading Festival (Boutique Stage)
saturday Aug 24 Leeds Festival (Boutique Stage)

3 August.02 Dot videos
You can watch 3 Dot videos over at her official site

3 August.02 Dot plays RemiXFM night
Dot wil play RemiXFM Night on 15th August - London - Cargo. Highlights from the night will be aired on the Remix on 16th August on XFM. Courtesy of Mantra Recordings

3 August.02 Dot interview
Dot has done an Interview on AVdeck Mantra Recordings for more details. I can't get the thing to play.

16 July.02 Dot plays Pukelpop
Apparently Dot weill be playing at Pukkelpop Festival on Aug 22, 2002. According to the official Pukkelpop site she's not listed that i can see. The first site seems official too, so I'm not sure what's up

Thanks to Senne

14 July.02 Dot gets 'Stung out'
Here are the details of of Dot's new single, 'Strung out' which is due August 5

strungout 1 strungout 2
Mantra MNT 74CD
Strung Out - Single Mix
Stolen Kisses
Sweet Surrender

Mantra MNT 74CD2
Strung Out
We're only Science (Slam Remix)
I Think I Love You (Tenniswood Remix)

Mantra MNT 74T
Strung Out
Strung Out (Radioactive Man Remix)
WeÍre Only Science (Slam Remix)

UPDATE! CD2 and the 12" are identical, it appears as though the label on the 12" is incorrect
the 12' sleeve says I Think I Love You (Radioactive Man remix), and the record label says Stolen Kisses! It's actually the Tenniswood/Radioactive Man remix of I Think I Love You, which means the 12inch is exactly same as CD2 [Thanks to Matt Williams for this info]

So apparently if you missed the ltd UK CD or didn't pick the Ltd French or Austrlain CD with bonus tracks, you will still get to hear to the Slam mix of 'We are Science'

31 May.02 Dot not on Massive Attack's forthcoming album / film score?
3-D ( Robert Del Naja ) from Massive Attack posted on the Massive Attack website "that the tracks they did (with Dot) won't be used on the album, but that Dot Allison might incorporate a song into a score she is working on" ( guess this means she will be doing a soundtrack soon ). 3-D also said that they will work again in the future without any doubt.

Thanks to Senne

28 June.02 New single
Apparently the next single will be "Strung Out" and will contain a Massive Attack remix. it will be released as 2 cd singles apparently and is due out on August 5th.

Thanks to Ken KP

30 May.02 Limited version of 'We are Science'
There is a limited version of the UK CD available in the first pressing. It contains remixes by Felix Da Housecat (Substance) and Slam (We're Only Science). The only way to tell the difference is that the actual disc it self has the cat. no. of mntcde1028. the artwork catalogue number is the same. I've only heard of one person getting this CD, so it must be very rare. amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, cdnow.com and ab-cd.com have a version of this ltd cd but it's a french CD. In this case, it does actually list the bonus tracks on the back cover, it's also ltd. the Japan version of the CD comes out on July 2. The Australia CD also has the bonus tracks. If anyone has a copy of the ltd UK version for sale please let me know.

18 May.02 Preview the new album
For you listening pleasure, get a sneak preview of 3 tracks from Dot's new album, 'We are Science.' It will be in stores on May 20 in the UK and in the Fall in the US. You will of course need RealAudio
We're Only Science
Strung Out

Courtesy of Leslie from AMP and Mantra.

25 April.02 Dot screensaver
Here's a Dot Allison Screensaver you can download. It's available for Mac and Windows.

Courtesy of Leslie from AMP and Mantra.

12 April.02 More tour dates
SAT 18/05/2002 - Academy 2 Birmingham
SUN 19/05/2002 - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow
TUE 21/05/2002 - Manchester University Manchester
WED 22/05/2002 - The Fleece - Over 18's Bristol
THU 23/05/2002 - University of London Union London
Ticket available at Gigs and Tours

27 March.02 Dot to play 'New to Q' gig
Dot will be playing at New To Q, a special series of gigs showcasing artists who are fresh to the pages of Britain's Biggest Music Magazine. She will play on Tuesday 30 April. The event is at Shepherds Bush Empire in London. Apparently it will be filmed to TV as well. For more details on how to buy tickets before anyone else 15 March.02 New single and album
"Substance" will be the first single released from Dot's forthcoming new album. It will be released on April 22. It features Substance, Substance (Felix DaHousecat mix), and Lo-fi lovesong. A promo only 12" is out now and features a Felix Da Housecat remix. The new album is called "We are Science" is due out on May 20 in the UK on Mantra Recordings and in September in the US on Beggars Banquet.
We're only science
You can be replaced
Wishing Stone
Make it happen
Strung out
I think I love you
< br /> 15 March.02 New Dot website
Mantra also now has website up for Dot
"We are Science" will be released in the US on Beggars Banquet in September

16 February.02 Live dates

February 16, 2002

Live Dates|
DOT ALLISON Night & Day Manchester WED 20/02/2002 19:30

Pressure (part of Slam Nights)

Friday February 22nd, The Arches, Midland Street Glasgow.
2230 - 0300 £18 In Advance From Arches Box Office 0901 022 0300
Stuart Mcmillan & Orde Meikle (Slam)
John Aquaviva
Doc Martin
Tom Middleton
Dot Allison (Live)
Silicone Soul
Another 3 roomer, with a strong House line up, and a brand new, never before seen live set from Glasgow's very own, Miss Dot Allison....
Stuart and Orde start things off this time round, before we launch into Dot's brand spanking new live set of the material she's been working on with her bloke, Richard Fearless....Also in the main room, we have a much requested return from One of our very favourite Canadian's, 'Sir' John Aquaviva......

DOT ALLISON Zodiac Oxford TUE 12/03/2002 19:30
DOT ALLISON 100 Club- Oxford Street London THU 14/03/2002 19:30

For tickets try:
gigsandtours.com wayahead.com

17 January.02 New single/Album
Dot's new album will be coming out in April 2002. It will be preceded by a single, "We're only science"

17 January.02 Dot on new Massive Attack album
Apparently Dot contributed vocals to 2 tracks for the forthcoming Massive Attack album. This is according to NME.com

"Massive Attack continue to work on their new album, due for release in 2002. A source close to the project told NME.COM vocalist Dot Allison has contributed guest vocals on two tracks during the album sessions, although this could not be officially confirmed at press time."

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