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I Wanna Feel The Chill (January 1998)
UK Heavenly HVN 90 or HVN 81 7" (Unreleased)
I Wanna Feel The Chill
I Wanna Feel The Chill (Instrumental)
Notes: 10 white label copies exist without sleeves
4 copies with sleeves exist (all signed by Dot)

tomorrow cover
Tomorrow Never Comes (February 1999)
UK Heavenly HVN 81 UK 7"
A. Tomorrow Never Comes
B. I Wanna Feel The Chill (Instrumental)
Notes: 800 copies only

mo pop
Mo' Pop (15 March 1999)
UK Heavenly HVN 87 7" [500 copies only]
UK Heavenly HVN 8712 12"
UK Heavenly HVN 87CD CD
Mo' Pop
Melted (Edit)*
Blind **
* Full length version appears on the 12"
** Does not appear on the 7"
The 7" comes in brown heavenly generic sleeve and 12" comes in a picture sleeve. a plain black sleeve also exists, but this has a slightly different catalog number.
Colour Me (May 1999)
US Sub Pop SP 459 7" [Ltd to 1300 copies]
A. Colour me
B Tomorrow never comes
Artista/Deconstruction Ltd (07822-17601-2)
4:31 Colour Me 4:31
6:47 Message Personal (Arab Strap Long Version)
4:31 Tommorow Never Comes
6:10 Melted (Edit)

Message Personnel (14 June 1999)
UK Heavenly HVN 91CD
1. Message Personnel
2.Tomorrow Never Comes
3. Message Personnel (Arab Strap Remix) *
4. Message Personnel (Death In Vegas remix)
* Appears on 7"

Close Your Eyes (4 October 1999)
UK Heavenly HVN 93CD
1. Close Your Eyes (Stephen Lironi mix)
2. Mr.Voyeur
3. Close Your Eyes (Slam Pressure Funk mix)
Close Your Eyes (4 October 1999)
UK Heavenly HVN 9312
A1. Close Your Eyes (Stephen Lironi mix)
A2. Mr.Voyeur
B1. Close Your Eyes (Slam Counter Plan mix)

Substance (29 April 2002)
UK 12/CD Mandra Recordings MNT17, MNT172CD
Substance - Felix Da Housecat remix
Lo-Fi Lovesong

strung out 1
Stung Out (5 August 2002)
UK CD Mandra Recordings MNT 74CD
Strung Out - Single Mix
Stolen Kisses
Sweet Surrender

strung out 2
Strung Out (5 August 2002)
UK CD Mandra Recordings MNT 74CD2
Strung Out - Single Mix
We're only Science (Slam Remix)
I Think I Love You (Tenniswood Remix)
Strung Out (5 August 2002)
UK 12 Mandra Recordings MNT 74T
Strung Out Single Mix
Strung Out Radioactive Man Remix
We're Only Science Slam Remix
Beaneath the Ivy EP (4 September 2006) [CD Promo only release]
UK Cooking Vinyl CD/Digital
Blade of Words
Paper Rose
Thief of Me (2007) [Promo only release]
UK CD Cooking Vinyl
Thief of Me (Radio Edit)
Thief of Me (Album version)
In Deep Water
Tall Flowers
Buzzing Round The Honeypots (Acoustic) (August 2009)
UK Digital
Buzzing Round The Honeypots (Acoustic)
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